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5 Key Skills to Make Your Medical Administrative Assistant Resume Stand-out

The medical administrative assistant role is unique from your typical admin position. Here are 5 skills that will make your resume stand out when applying to medical secretary jobs.
5 Key Skills to Make Your Medical Administrative Assistant Resume Stand-out

The medical secretary role is unique from the typical administrative  because they are working in healthcare settings. This means that the person will need to convey on their resume all of the administrative assistant skills AND the specialized knowledge of the medical field including applicable regulations. Here are the skills to incorporate on your resume to stand out when applying to medical administrative assistant jobs.

Healthcare Communications

Medical secretaries and administrative assistants do a lot of correspondence with patients, providers, and payors. This high volume of communication by phone, video, and email means that you will need to convey excellent written and verbal communication skills. You will need to communicate with a high level of confidentiality and make sure that you are thoroughly documenting these communications in the patients medical records for the providers.

You’ll be in constant engagement during your work hours, and in most instances, even beyond them. That said, communication must be the nexus of all your disciplines, and therefore practiced exceeding base excellence. It must both be polished and concise since you will be dealing mostly with healthcare professionals who are always on the go and reliant on precise data.

Just imagine what would happen if you relayed the wrong medical information or botched a critical health appointment because your notes had some misleading typos. The medical secretary/admin assistant profession is just one of those things in this world that should be as close to perfection as possible.

Deductive Reasoning and Problem-solving

Being in the medical admin assistant/secretary requires its own brand of problem solving and critical thinking. Medical secretaries are often the people that catch the data entry errors of providers or missing medical records for patients. So, your ability to have a keen attention to detail is key. The same can be applied to all input data, processes for execution, and files requested for pull up.

Again, think about what’s really at stake and how much you can improve the system through your sheer display of proactivity. This practice of preliminary screening stems out issues before they grow into more head-scratchy proportions. And it falls into your jurisdiction as medical administrative assistant.

Time and Relations Management

Time is a valuable human commodity that we’re always short of. That’s why as medical secretary/admin assistant, it’s your prime directive to organize what little supply we have and make sure that everything runs according to schedule. You will regulate rotations as you regulate your own breathing. You will organize a calendar of events and appointments, aligning intersecting schedules into an orchestra of unchaotic continuum. It’s not at all far-fetched to picture having a handle on surgery schedule arrangements or a nudge in the proper release of vital grants and funding.

And at the end of the day, you need also balance this skill with your relations management. Scheduling is not only run through the wheels of time, but with the intimate knowledge of who you are organizing for. The ideal medical admin assistant/secretary must know her/his contacts and be aware of key clientele preferences and statuses, especially since it’ll be mostly about arranging for travel and health services.

Medical Records and Healthcare Data Gathering

Not everything comes served in a silver platter, as you will no doubt learn as soon as you wear your medical secretary/admin assistant shoes. The remainder of your assignments will fall in this category in fact, filling in blanks at the behest of your liaisons and superiors. You can even say that this assignment will sidearm all your other tasks and obligations.

This is where your panache in research and data sourcing plays out. As medical secretary/admin assistant, you must be able to close in on the most elusive information. You will often need to jump into numerous hoops to bypass restrictions of more confidential materials.

Excellent Typing and Medical Data-entry Skills

Speed and accuracy as a medical admin assistant couldn’t be stressed further, and your skill in wielding a keyboard will come into play at every turn. The expected typing speed for medical administrative assistants is typically 40 wpm. You will also frequently see KPH in medical secretary roles. Make sure to include both of these on your resume if they are above the minimum expected about. If they aren't, then you know that you need to work on your typing speed.

Of course, a good grasp of overall computer operation is also in order—it’s been that way since forever. Medical secretaries are the pinnacle of this professional evolution. You’re better of considering other openings if you don’t know your way around your operating systems.

Experience with Medical Software and Technology

After getting acquainted with your hardware, you should consider dialing it all up to maximum effort. Medical secretaries always try to cover as much grounds as possible where their line of expertise is involved. And nothing helps this drive better than the laundry list of applications you can access to boost your results.

Being aware of the hectic schedule ahead, it’s just as important to fraternize with modern advances that will make your work not only survivable but also quicker and adaptable. Beyond the basic office software, here are some of the types to consider including on your medical administrative assistant resume:

· Transcription Software

· Eaglesoft

· Digital Radiographs


· NVivo

· Qualtrex

· Dentrix


· WebPT

· Valant

· EMR (various)

Have all of these skills on your resume and still not landing the interviews for the medical administrative assistant roles? Have one of our professional resume writers review it for free to determine if it is optimized for the applicant tracking systems (ATS).