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My Contingent Plan demystifies talent acquisition technology and to provide expert guidance through the hiring process. There are some free articles that are open to the public. You can gain access to some of our premium content by signing up as a free member. The templates and all premium content is available to paid members only.


My Contingent Plan is written by the Contingent Plan team. We are a team of expert resume writers, social media profile writers, recruiters, and career coaches. We have tested our methods and share our insights here to help people. Our mission is to help people find their dream jobs one step at a time.

You can find more information about the Contingent Plan, our Leadership Team, and the services we offer to help connect real people with the right jobs. You can also explore and apply to the jobs that our recruiting team is working on today.


Our goal is to help people to find jobs and to develop as professionals in their own field. We do this as experts in our field - talent acquisition and talent acquisition technology. We also partner with experts in their own fields to ensure that the specialized information is as accurate and effective as possible.

The Contingent Plan is hired by employers to find talent for their jobs. The Contingent Plan is also hired by job seekers to help them build the right message and to navigate their job search. However, we respect the confidences of our clients (both employers and job seekers) and do not intentionally share this information in any way that could jeopardize their efforts.

The content on My Contingent Plan is written objectively to help people find jobs and to continue their professional development. We are also people and that no one is perfect. We strive to correct any mistakes quickly and to avoid any similar mistakes in the future. We do not post any content on here or make any recommendations that we would not use personally for our clients - employers and jobseekers. The content, templates, and guidance on My Contingent Plan is not theories. It is real insights that we use today and that we know work when used properly.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns about the content found on My Contingent Plan.

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