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Indeed Resume Builder Reviewed: What Recruiters Want You to Know

Indeed resume builder may be easy to use, but it isn't for everyone. We reviewed the Indeed resume builder and put together the following guide with everything jobseekers really need to think about in using this system.
Indeed Resume Builder Reviewed: What Recruiters Want You to Know

Indeed is one of the biggest job boards out there right now. Anyone that creates a profile to apply to jobs on Indeed will be asked whether they would like to create an Indeed resume. It seems easy enough, but it doesn't always help you land a job. Here is everything you need to know about Indeed resume builder and what recruiters really think about it.

Indeed Resume Builder: What it Is

The Indeed resume builder will create a resume for anyone that wants to apply to jobs on the platform. The Indeed resume builder has 2 main templates - executive and modern. To use the Indeed resume builder, you need to simply create your profile, select a template, and enter your information. The Indeed resume builder will insert your information into the selected Indeed template. Now, you have an Indeed resume.

But, does that Indeed resume work? Do employers like the Indeed resume? How does Indeed use the resume that you create if you use the Indeed resume builder? All of these questions and more are answered below.

What Indeed Resume Builder Does Right

The Indeed resume builder does work for some people. The Indeed resume builder certainly has some value for jobseekers on the platform. The following are the pros of using Indeed resume builder.

#1 - Easy to Use

The best thing about the Indeed resume builder is that is easy to use. You click a few buttons, enter some information, and you get a resume. The straightforward interface makes it easy to enter your information. You can navigate the screens to build your Indeed resume on your phone, tablet, or desktop. The streamlined interface is definitely a plus for the Indeed resume builder.

#2 - You Get a Resume Quickly

The other big perk of the Indeed resume builder is that it is fast. The Indeed resume builder makes it easy to use so that you can quickly get a resume and start applying to jobs on Indeed. The most time-consuming part of using the Indeed resume builder is figuring out what you want to put in the fields. The Indeed resume builder will automatically create the resume for you after putting the details in the fields.

#3 - Makes it Easy to Apply to Jobs on Indeed

The point of the Indeed resume builder is to make it easy for more people to apply for jobs on Indeed. This means that Indeed gets more people on the system by creating the resume builder service. This is a definite perk if you are in need of a resume and need to start applying to jobs right away.

#4 - It's Free

The other big pro of the Indeed resume builder is that it is free. Unlike other resume builders, the Indeed resume builder is free to use. The system takes your information and spits out a resume that is designed to work on the Indeed system at no cost to you.

10 Things Indeed Resume Builder Gets Wrong

The Indeed resume builder also has some definite cons. And, not everyone should use the Indeed resume builder. The following are 10 big cons to using the Indeed resume builder.

#1 - Employers Won't See Everything

The Indeed resume builder creates a resume that is designed for the Indeed job board. This also means that Indeed can control what fields show up to employers when you use the Indeed resume. In fact, when you use the resume that was created by the Indeed resume builder, the employer will receive a version of that resume that doesn't have all of your details. Specifically, the employer will not get your email address. Sometimes, the employer won't get your phone number.

Indeed does this because they want employers and job seekers to stay on the platform. This allows them to track what jobs are filled, gather additional data about the users, and make money off of advertising on the system. So, by using the Indeed resume, you are not giving the employer the means to contact you. Remember this when talking to the employers and offer your contact details to make it easier for them to connect with you through the hiring process.

#2 - You Don't Stand Out

There are 2 primary formats on the Indeed resume builder. Indeed reports that there are over 250 million unique visits each year. That means that there are a lot of people out there with resumes that look just like the one that you created using the Indeed resume builder.

With these kinds of numbers, it will be hard to stand out and land the interview if you are using the Indeed resume builder. Instead, write a resume that is created for you and build a message that makes you stand out.

#3 - Only as Good as What You Enter

The Indeed resume builder is simply a tool that creates the resume using the information that you input. This is great if you know what you want to emphasize and are skilled at creating achievements on your resume. However, most people, don't have a lot of experience building resumes or using the systems that scan resumes So, the challenge will be that the resume that is created by the Indeed resume builder is missing a lot of information that hiring managers and recruiters will be looking for.

#4 - Won't Work Well Outside of Indeed

The Indeed resume builder is designed to create a resume that works for users on Indeed. Indeed wants people to stay on their system to find and apply to jobs. However, there are many other avenues that people find jobs. This includes other job boards (i.e. Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, Monster, Careerbuilder, etc.), social media (LinkedIn), internal company job boards, and networking (i.e. employee referrals, recruiters, etc.).

All of these different avenues to find jobs should be a part of your job search strategy. And, you should have a resume that is designed to get you the job - not simply for the platform that it is being used on.

#5 - You are Stuck with It

The Indeed system default is that once you use the Indeed resume builder that this document is what is sent to employers when you apply. Most people don't realize that this is an automatic feature of the system. So, if you use the Indeed resume builder, that document will be sent to the employer.

And, that same Indeed resume will be sent to employers UNTIL you update the information in the Indeed system. So, for example, if you used it to land your last job and haven't updated the information with your current job, then the employer will only see your outdated information on the Indeed resume.

#6 - Can't Customize

The Indeed resume builder isn't intended to let its users customize their resume. Instead, it is for people that want a universal resume to get to apply as soon as possible. However, most people have a depth of experience that can't be conveyed in a handful of bullets. Or, the part of the experience that may be relevant to one type of job isn't relevant to another. Thus, for many, the limits on the customization of the Indeed resume isn't helpful.

#7 - Not ATS Optimized

The Indeed resume builder creates a resume that is intended to be used on Indeed. This means that the Indeed resume isn't optimized for use with the applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by most employers.

What is an ATS? This is the program used by most employers to filter and sort the people that apply to the open jobs. There are over 900 ATS used by employers today. Over 97% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS and nearly 70% of all companies are using some kind of an ATS. This means that you can expect your resume to go through the ATS at some point in your job search.

Indeed is simply a job board that jobseekers use to get a conversation with the employers. The employers are using Indeed to find candidates for their open jobs and they review those candidates in their ATS throughout the hiring process. And, over 75% of applicants are rejected by the ATS automatically. So, jobseekers need a resume that is built for the ATS - not merely the job board (indeed) that gets them in the ATS.

#8 - Achievements Will Not Stand Out

Hiring managers and recruiters alike are looking for your achievements to compare you to the next candidate. In fact, studies consistently show that you have about 6 seconds of someone skimming your resume before they make up their mind. So, if you get past the ATS, you still need to make an impact right away with the hiring manager or recruiter who will skim your resume. The best way to do that is with your achievements.

Unfortunately, the Indeed resume builder doesn't create a document that makes it easy to find the achievements. In the focus to create an easy resume, the ability to emphasize the achievements is lost.

#9 - Easy to Miss Details

The Indeed resume builder has some preset fields that make it easy to enter the data, but they don't always capture the important details of everyone's experience. In fact, for some jobs, the requirements may include experience with certain software or certifications. However, these details aren't always required and many people will forget to include this information or they will put it in the wrong field on their Indeed resume. And, in doing so, the employer won't be able to see what they need to see on your Indeed resume.

#10 - Your Information Will be Sold

You will receive a ton of spam if you look for a job online. This is because job boards make more money off of your data than they do off the advertising by employers trying to fill their open jobs. So, you can expect that the information that you put in your Indeed resume will end up being sold and repackaged to remarket various products, services, and other things to you.

What Jobseekers Should Do

So, what is a job seeker to do? The following are recommended by our recruiters to make the most of your efforts applying to jobs if an Indeed resume isn't right for you:

  • Create a resume that is optimized for the ATS. This means using a format that works across systems and incorporating all of the right keywords for your job search.
  • Customize your resume. Build a message with relevant details, keywords, and information about your experience to make it easy for the people and systems reviewing your application to see you as qualified.
  • Build strong achievements. Stand out with clear, impactful statements about your results.
  • Move quickly. The current market is competitive and tons of people are applying for jobs. Don't wait too long or you will miss out on the opportunity.
  • Establish credibility. Create clarity in your message by defining your strengths and including those examples on your resume to illustrate them.
  • Put the words on the page. You can't get the interview if you don't have the details on your resume. Make sure to include the talking points on your resume so people can ask about them in the interview.
  • Apply to jobs. The current market is competitive and you have to put yourself out there to be considered for the positions. This means looking aggressively and pursuing all possible avenues to land your dream job.
  • Network. Employee referrals are still the top source of successful applicants. Job boards only result in about 11% of all placements. So, never underestimate the power of connections.