How to Leverage Video Interviewing to Expedite Recruiting

Good talent always has options. A number of companies are using video interviewing to expedite the hiring process. Here is how video interviewing can help streamline the hiring process. 

Good talent always has options. This means that companies need to move quickly if they want to secure the best people for their teams. One of the biggest hurdles to streamlining things can be the interviewing process. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use of video interviewing to minimize the need for in-person visits. Companies are continuing to leverage this technology to secure the best talent.

There are tons of tools out there for companies to choose from when considering video interviewing. The biggest difference between those products is whether they are one-way or two-way interviewing (or both). A one-way video interview enables the recruiter to load questions in text or video format. These systems will read or watch the questions and their answers are then recorded. A 2-way video interview is one that allows both candidates and interviewers to live-stream from wherever they are to communicate in real-time. This is also recorded and then loaded directly into the applicant tracking system (ATS) as part of the candidate's profile in the system.

Here are some of the things that enable video interviewing to expedite the process:

AI-Powered Automation

Many video interviewing platforms have artificial intelligence (AI) built into them to analyze the candidate's answers later. These systems can evaluate honesty, gaps, and provide other insights about the candidate based on the video interview. They can also create and suggest questions for the recruiter based on the candidate's responses in the interview. The complexity (and price) of these systems can truly vary. But, the capabilities and how they are used can make a huge difference in automating the screening process to help streamline the selection of the best candidates. This enables recruiters and the hiring teams to focus on the right people for the organization and the open positions.

Reduces the Risk of Bias

There is an unprecedented commitment to reducing bias and advancing equality in the workplace right now. Video interviewing can be an effective tool in removing bias from the talent acquisition process. These systems can do this by reducing the risk of unconscious bias by creating a consistent, standardized video interviewing process for ALL candidates. They also record the interviews and allow everyone in the hiring process to check out the candidate's performance. This level of transparency reduces the risk of bias at every step of the interviewing process and enables subsequent audits to make sure everyone is following the expedited processes.  

Create Strong Candidate Experience

Smart companies are using video interviewing to improve their overall employer brand by creating a strong candidate experience from the beginning. For example, most video interviewing platforms have built-in scheduling features that eliminate all the unnecessary back and forth to schedule the interviews. Studies consistently show that video interviewing cuts the time to hire by 50% by creating efficiency in the hiring process - starting with scheduling.  It also enables the candidate to pick their own time to do the interview without the arbitrary pressures of working with the times proposed by the busy talent acquisition professional conducting the screening interviews.

This self-help capability and the automation that streamline the employer experience also improve the candidate experience in the process. Most video interviewing platforms also have communications programs that enable the candidate to see how they are progressing in the process - something that is often overlooked by companies in the process.

External recruiting firms also use these video interviewing tools to improve the process for the candidates. They use the systems to sort, screen, and progress the right candidates for their clients. This use of video systems by external partners also enables a level of transparency to everyone involved in the hiring process that removes the barriers to finding the right fit for their team.

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