Tips to Fill Positions During the Talent Shortage

Having trouble filling your open jobs? Check out these proven tips from our recruiting team that make it possible to find the best talent in today's competitive market.

Trying to fill an open job but having no luck? You're not alone. In today's job market, it can be hard to find the right talent, even for positions that don't require a lot of experience. The good news is, that there are some things you can do to make your open job more attractive to potential candidates. In this blog post, our recruiters share some tips on how to make your open job stand out so that you can find the right person for the job.

Define the Job Requirements Clearly and Concisely

When you're writing a job posting, it's important to be clear about what you're looking for. Listing too many requirements can scare off potential candidates, but listing too few can result in unqualified applicants. Try to strike a balance by being specific about the skills and experience you need without making the job requirements too restrictive.

Highlight What Makes Your Company Attractive

What makes your company a great place to work? Is it the company culture, the benefits, or the opportunity for career growth? Whatever it is, make sure to highlight it in your job posting. Candidates want to know that they're not just applying for a job, but for a position at a company that they will enjoy working for.

Sell the Position & Company

Don't just list the duties of the job - try to sell the position! Highlight the company's culture, any perks or benefits that come with the job, and anything else that makes working there attractive. This will help you attract people who are truly interested in the position, not just those who are looking for any job they can find.

Offer Flexibility Where You Can

In today's job market, offering flexibility is key to attracting top talent. Many workers are looking for positions that offer flexible hours, remote work options, or both. If you can offer any type of flexibility in your open position, be sure to mention it in the job posting.

Be Flexible

Rethink how you are structuring roles if you aren't able to fill them the way that they are. There are tons of candidates out there that want remote-only jobs or those that are only in the office a few days. Employers open to flexible working arrangements will have a much larger talent pool than those that are only interested in having people onsite or hybrid.

There are some jobs that can simply not be done remotely. In that case, consider being flexible in how you structure the times to do the job. Shifting from a strict schedule to a task-based or performance-driven environment will attract more candidates and serve to engage your existing workforce. This type of flexible thinking is important to make sure that you are attracting enough of the right candidates for your open jobs.

Offer Training

There are some jobs where you simply won't be able to find candidates to fill it. There is definitely a talent shortage in some areas and that requires employers to develop their own talent. In that case, one of the best solutions may be to offer training internally or to find a partner that already does the training. This will create a talent pipeline to ensure that those hard-to-fill roles will be filled will in the future.

Update the Online Presence of the Company & Leadership

Candidates are doing research on your company and its leadership before they even apply to the job. A weak online presence of the company or its leadership will prevent people from applying.

Avoid this by updating the online presence of your company and the LinkedIn profiles of your leadership. This will give candidates the opportunity to learn more about your culture, the company, and the growth of the organization. It will also serve to better engage your existing clients and talent as they will have a better understanding of the organization and its values.

Partner with Experts

Partner with Experts

If you've tried all of the above tips and still can't seem to fill your open job, it might be time to consider partnering with recruiting firms. Recruiting firms like The Contingent Plan specialize in filling hard-to-fill jobs. They have found talent by removing the challenges of filling the jobs when the company wasn't able to do so themselves.

Recruiting firms can also take the administrative burden of talent acquisition off your plate so that your business can focus on doing it what it does best. This collaboration requires regular communication, but the right partner can make a huge difference in filling those open jobs.

There's no denying that it's a tough job market out there. But with these tips, you can find the right person for even the most hard-to-fill positions within your company. By being clear about what you're looking for, making your job posting stand out, and being willing to be flexible, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect candidate in no time at all.